Meet Our Farmers

Fifth Branch Farms is a small, woman-owned hemp and produce farm located in Florence, Texas.  The name Fifth Branch comes from being the fifth generation on the farm. 


Faith is a health enthusiast who focuses on longevity and the role nutrition and recovery play in that.  She enjoys lifting weights, competing in the Highland Games and beekeeping.


Anne has a background in Geology and Geography which brought her intense appreciation for the workings of the Earth.  When she’s not prospecting for cool rocks, Anne enjoys camping, making art, playing video games and the bass. 



“We’ve worked on other farms, loved the connection we developed with growing nutritious produce and medicine and decided to start our own.  We’ve seen the negative impact that industrial farming can have, and we wanted to do something different.  We use sustainable methods such as low till cultivation, mulching, rainwater capture, and abstaining from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  These methods allow us to provide a crop that is safe, healthy, and affordable.  We are intentional in the ingredient selection for our products to ensure a ‘no nonsense’ formula, free of harmful substances.”